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Sell Diamonds Online

How to get immediate payments when selling diamonds online
If you own loose diamonds, or diamonds on a watch, ring or other piece of jewelery and you want to sell them, you may not know where to start. After all, unless you are a diamond trader, selling diamonds is not something most of us do very often.

That being said, it is actually far easier to sell diamonds than you may think. All you have to do is sell your diamonds on the Internet. You will then get immediate payments.

How to sell diamonds online

Just like many things nowadays, there is now a way to sell diamonds online. A way that makes something that used to be quite difficult as easy as finding a company to sell your diamonds to and mailing them.

So how do you sell diamonds online? You find a company that will assess them for you before even seeing them and, if the initial estimate seems reasonable to you, you can then mail your diamonds to them.

How to find the right company to sell to?

The process to the whole purchasing diamonds system is actually very easy.

First, you need to find a company that buys diamonds online. You then need to be happy with the service they provide, as well as with their initial estimate for how much they will pay. You can achieve this by assessing several companies and getting estimates from each, and then choosing to sell to the company with the highest one.

How do you get estimates?

Each company you find online will have an estimate process they expect you to go through.

This usually consists of you completing an online application form with all the details for each diamond or piece of diamond jewelry that you own. You must also take a photograph of each piece so that the company can see what it looks like.

Send all this information to the company via email and wait for their estimate. You will usually get this within 24 hours along with more questions about each piece.

Answer the questions and then wait for the final estimate. Once you have a final estimate from each company you have found, you can then decide which one is likely to be the best bet for you and deal with them from now on.

Selling your diamonds online

The next step is to package your diamonds and diamond jewelry so that you can mail them to the company you are dealing with. You achieve this by contacting the company and asking them for the shipping label information. They will send you a label to print out, and you can then call Federal Express to come and pick up your package, or you can drop it off at the nearest Federal Express office.

Each package you send to them is insured, and the cost of shipping is also paid by them. Should you decide after they receive your diamonds and give you a final estimate that you do not want to sell to them, they will also pay to send your diamonds back to you.

Ship the package and wait to hear from the company. You should hear something from them regarding their final offer within 48 hours.

The final offer

When you send your diamonds to an online buyer, the estimate they first give you is just that -- an estimate. Once they receive your diamonds and take a look at what they actually have, that estimate may go down slightly or it may even go up.

The next price they give you is the final price they are willing to offer for your items. It is then up to you to decide if you want to accept their offer, or if you would prefer to take your items elsewhere.

Selling to another company

If you think you can sell your diamonds for a higher price elsewhere, you now have the option of asking the company to ship your diamonds back to you. They will do so immediately, and will pay for the shipping costs. It is then up to you to try to sell them with another online company.

Just remember, though, you will have the hassle of going through the whole process again and waiting for a second company's initial estimate and final offer. If you need money quickly, this is not really the optimal way of getting it. So do consider the time involved before deciding to approach a second company.

Finalizing the sale

If you decide to go with the first company and accept the offer that they give you, all you need to do is to let them know. They will then send you a form to digitally sign saying that you agree to their terms. Once they receive that form they will process your payment.

In most cases, your payment will be sent directly to you via Federal Express. You will then be able to deposit it into your bank account and spend it as you wish. Just remember, depending on how much money it is, you may also be liable for taxes.

The advantages of selling diamonds online

There are so many advantages to selling diamonds online. In most cases, it will save you time and be far more convenient than trying to find a jeweler in your town to sell to.

Sell diamonds online will also often get you a higher amount than selling them to a local jeweler. This is because the overhead of online diamond buyers is usually lower than those that have to pay for a bricks and mortar store.

Finally, it is also much easier to look at several buyers online than it is in your local town. You can sit at your computer in the comfort of your own home, assess each buyer, read reviews about each one and then decide which you will sell to.

All of this will often only take an hour or two as oppose to the many hours you would have to spend if you did this with offline buyers.

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